_LRP0795_pp  AMTA profmem Julie K. Jorat, LMT

Ascential Wellness 5050 Blazer Pkwy, Suite 201, Dublin, OH 43017

♦ Hot Stone Massage ♦ Swedish Massage ♦ Pregnancy Massage ♦ Aromatherapy

♦ Deep Tissue Techniques ♦ Trigger Point Techniques ♦ Posture Analysis

♦ Post-Isometric Dynamic Stretching Techniques ♦ Couples Massage (ask for rates)

♦ Massage (lessons) for Couples ♦ Corporate Chair Massage Programs (ask for rates)

Therapeutic Sessions by Appointment Only…   Call (614) 204-6646

Regular Session Rates: Full Hour (60 mins)… $75        Extended Hour (75 mins)… $88

Half Hour (30 mins)… $45         Hour and a Half (90 mins)… $99      (rates include sales tax)

Medical Session Rates (current Rx required): 30 minutes… $40        60 minutes… $70

75 minutes… $82        90 minutes…$93

Services and rates are subject to change. Please confirm all pricing when you schedule your session.

Gift Certificates are available. To schedule an appointment please call 614-204-6646.

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Click HERE for a calendar showing open appointments.

Discount Packages:

Pre-paid Package: Buy a pre-paid package of three (3) 60-minute sessions for only $195.00  You will will pay for this package on your first visit and save a total of $30.00. You must use all 3 sessions within 6 months of purchase.

Annual Maintenance Program: You must buy at least one 60-minute session per month. Each consecutive month of the year your session rate will decrease by $2.00 and you will receive a FREE one hour reward session at the end of the year in mid-December. You can use your free reward session for yourself, or give as a gift. Free session reward must be used in January or February and will expire on February 28th. For example:

January: start your loyalty program, each session you purchase in January is at full price,  February: each session you purchase in February is $2 off regular session rates,         March: each session you purchase in March is $4 off regular session rates,                             April is $6 off…, May is $8 off, …June is $10 off…, …July is $12 off…, August is $14 off…, September is $16 off…, October is $18 off…, November is $20 off…, December is $22 off regular session rates and you will receive your FREE reward session…

You could save a minimum of $207 over the entire year… save more if you buy more than one session per month. This program is only applicable to 60-minute sessions, and you must start program in January to maximize savings thru-out the year. Starting program mid-year will be permitted, but with an adjusted discount rate. This program cannot be combined with any other discounts or services, and is subject to therapist’s availability. Accumulated discount rates are non-transferable. Please request this program by name when starting up in January. A card will then be issued to track your attendance and discounted rates each month… Call 614-204-6646 for more info.

Located in the Heart of Dublin at 5050 Blazer Parkway

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