Columbus Ohio Hypnosis is committed to helping kids, teens, and adults recreate their lives.

Our goal at Columbus Ohio Hypnosis is to help you feel better fast while becoming the best “you” you can be. Each day we help people break old habits, remove blocks, and overcome fears – all while increasing motivation, confidence, and joy for life.

Our Areas of Hypnotherapy Concentration include:

Hypnosis for Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Addiction & Compulsive Behavior Recovery
Bereavement Support
Bulimia & Eating Disorder Support
Career Enhancement Hypnosis
Guided Imagery
Increasing Confidence & Self Esteem
Hypnosis for Fears & Phobias
Sexual Dysfunctions
Motivational Meditation (Private or Group)
Past Life Regression Hypnosis
Smoking Cessation Hypnosis
Public Speaking Anxiety
Stress Reduction & Stress Management Hypnosis
Sports Performance Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy for kids and teens
Trauma Recovery Support
Overcoming Trust & Relationship Difficulties
Insomnia and Sleeping Issues
Weight Loss Hypnosis (Private & Classes)

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