My foremost mission is to promote awareness of the healing potential of functional medicine and guide the individual to a better understanding of integrative medicine.

I encourage my clients to take a closer look at lifestyle and habits to identify areas that should be addressed.  This increased awareness is key to reduce stress, recover from injury, avoid pain patterns, and optimize physiological performance. Each  massage session is customized to address the specific goals of my client, and each session could utilize multiple massage techniques.

My sessions are unique in that I regularly utilize hot basalt stones as tools and as placement stones.  The heat from the stones causes a vascular flush to the tissues and muscles, which helps to relax any tension held there by distracting the nervous system and increasing blood flow to the area.  

It is my goal to make every session an experience of the highest quality.  It is important to create an environment that will nurture the opportunity to REST, RELAX, and REJUVENATE.  Music, soft lighting, and luxurious linens and quality equipment are all integral to optimal care. I strive to create a soothing environment for each individual’s massage experience.


Julie is a 2008 Graduate of The Massage Therapy Degree Program at Columbus State Community College. She began her career in Massage by opening her own wellness center, La Luna Wellness in 2009.

Before she transitioned to a massage career, she was a 1992 Graduate of Indiana University Kelley School of Business and for many years excelled as a Graphic Artist working on various print publications.  With a background in art and design, she has created many projects over the years involving interior design, residential construction, and costume design. She also has enjoyed helping her young daughter build various multi-media art pieces for exhibits at the Dublin Arts Council.

With the balance of her time she enjoys caring for her home, daughter, husband, and poodle.  She also loves planning and sharing fun family activities such as gardening, kayaking, hiking, camping, and the occasional vacation with family and friends.

Julie is a keen admirer of nature and has enjoyed some casual research in mycology, forest ecology, and organic gardening. With a goal of optimum health and wellness, she has developed a keen awareness in stretching techniques, exercise physiology and nutrition.  She is a firm believer in the concept of a holistic pathway to happiness, longevity, and quality of life.

Julie on a hike in Arches National Park, Utah 2021

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