Dawn Wolf Lewis, LMT


Have You Had Your Lomi Today?

Celebrating 21 Years in Practice!
Dawn’s primary focus is clinical rehabilitative massage although she is well versed in relaxation work and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Her most recent area of study has been massage for people living with cancer. It is her honor and privilege to help improve the health of the people in her community by providing therapeutic massage services.
Therapeutic Massage Sessions by Appointment Only
Gift Certificates Available
A Heated Neck Wrap, Aromatherapy and Your Choice of Music
is Included with Every Massage at No Additional Charge.
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage – Deep Tissue Massage – Swedish Massage
Massage Menu:
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage… A full body, 90-minute massage using long flowing strokes with the forearms, palms, knuckles and thumbs to connect the mind, body and spirit. This massage includes some deep tissue work and stretching.  Some people describe this experience as feeling like waves washing over the body.
  • 90 minutes… $105
Deep Tissue Massage… Medium to deep pressure is used on the specific areas where there may be chronic pain or tightness, due to repetitive movements and poor postures while doing daily activity.  A combination of Swedish, Trigger Point, Neuro-muscular, and Shiatsu techniques are used in this massage. It is not as sedative as a Swedish massage, however extremely beneficial. A deeper tissue level is usually reached, which helps to quicken recovery time. Does not include the whole body in a 60 minute session, but will in a 90 minute session.
  • 60/90 minutes… $80/$105
Swedish Massage… A full body massage with light to medium pressure used to focus on relieving mental, emotional and physical fatigue and tension in the superficial tissues of the whole body. It is so relaxing you could fall asleep.
  • 60 minutes… $75
Receive an additional $5 off the price of massage services when you pay in cash.
Credit Cards Accepted with 3% of the service fee added to your total.
Prices are subject to change. Please confirm when you schedule your session.
Children cannot be accommodated during appointment.