Marconics Energy: Marconics Energy raises the human vibration to a level which facilitates spontaneous healing and makes ascension possible while protecting against the new gamma, infrared and microwaves we are all exposed to daily via a 30  minute no touch energetic attunement.

Reiki: Most often using tough and the palm of the hands the Reiki Practitioner facilitates the channeling of vital energy into the client’s body for the purpose of aiding the body’s own natural healing abilities.

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Connie Dohan

Amid Angels         614-989-4550

Aura/Chakra Specialist, Clair cognizant Intuit, Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor, Reiki Master – Huna & Kundalini, Chios Master Teacher, C.E.L.T. Grand Master, Munay-Ki Mentor, Registered Nurse (retired), Author.

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